Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rem Koolhaas- Kunsthal

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vermeer The Art of Painting -- The Artists Studio c. 1665/66

ARCH1201 - Room and Narrative

"A secluded studio, veiled by a mask, where an accomplished artist paints his private portraits"

My model draws its inspiration from the ideas found in Vermeer's work, 'The art of painting'. I focused on the notion of ‘the drape’ and I aimed at re-representing the ideas of veils and masks in my balsa model. The filtering technique I have used utilises thin slits which comment of the 'open/close' quality of the drape in the painting. The semi-transparent surfaces of my model parallels to the half opened curtain/drape in the scene and hence supports my idea. The solid door on the right side of the structure is juxtaposed in a way so that a strong contrast between it and the ‘cloak-like’ walls would be shown. The door is placed in the middle of the main fa├žade to emphasise its solid nature. The door was used to toy with the idea of what a barrier was and this complements the skeletal nature of the rest of the form. In terms of setting, the site is very much in a desolate geography with a small gully running down just outside the front balcony. This setting was chosen to add an lonely and abandoned flavor to the model to support ideas of a secluded studio.